Kelly Smiley: The Photographer Who Fractured Spine In Front of Matthew Stafford Deletes Twitter After Racist Tweets Come To Life #RAMily

Written by austenlange

Well it appears that Kelly Smiley, who we all may know now for busting her ass in front of Matthew Stafford and his wife. Well, the Staffords were being DRAGGED online for showing her hardly any remorse and got bullied into paying for her medical expenses. Sounds like a solid end to a story right?

I guess that Kelly Smiley had herself a bit of a wildside in her youth and was willing to just, “let it fly” on Twitter.

Today the injured party had to delete all of her social media because of some very inappropriate/racist tweets came to the surface, and it doesn’t look great for her….

These things are never good for anyone involved. You are labeled a racist and cancelled over something you said 8 years ago. While I know that may not seem like a long enough time to change your whole outlook on race issues, and realize that what you’ve been doing and thinking just isn’t right.

I am in no way shape or form condoning what she did but I do feel bad because her life may never be the same again. Smiley has already deleted all of her social media, which makes sense. I just don’t know how you bounce back from this.

It is funny that Matthew initially just turned around without even acknowledging her after her fall, but maybe just maybe he already knew what kind of person he was dealing with.

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