Kelly Oubre Jr. FINALLY hits his first 3 of the season

Written by Noah Gagnon

About time oh my god. After an atrocious 0/24 start from deep this season, Kelly Oubre Jr. has finally hit his first 3 of the NBA season. I watched a lot of Warriors ball this season, and I’ve never had less faith in a shooter then I did Oubre. If he went anywhere past 0/24, the franchise was well within their rights to burn his jersey and rip up his contract.

As seen in the video, the Dubs bench got pretty hype after Oubre finally connected, as they should have. Truly an ‘about time’ reaction from everyone on the entire roster. Honestly, I gotta give props to Oubre for still chucking up shots, shooters shoot, brah.

On the lowest of keys, how could you be mad at this freaking model. I’m straight, but I mean, c’mon, thats a good looking dude. Probably the only reason he wasn’t cut after the 0/24 start.

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