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Kelly and Matthew Stafford Take Listing For Detroit Mansion Down!

Written by TrevStone

Kelly Stafford posted to Instagram today sharing that her and Matthew Stafford have decided to take the listing for their mansion in Detroit down.

They’re traveling back and forth right now for different things. They both love Detroit. And might want to keep the house forever.

“We took our Michigan house off the market until we figure out what we want to do/so that we can have a home to come back to in Michigan.” – Kelly

Who knows if they’ll list it again at another time. But for now? They’re going to be keeping their HUGE house.

It makes complete sense for them for now. They have many connections in Michigan and love the area. It’s a completely different environment than Los Angeles!

If you’d like to see more pictures of the house, click here!

Damn! I was hoping to buy it with my stimulus. Now they’re going to take it down when I’m rich? They were asking $1,400, right? Ohhhh…… $6.5M! Maybe I need to have a bunch of kids, if for every child you get $1,400?! I’ll only need to have 5,416 kids.

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