@Keith_McPherson Is The Upcoming Sports Radio Star To Watch

Written by Durr

Keith McPherson, the newest WFAN New York night host, is what radio needs. A person that is relatable to market. A person that you can fully appreciate every time he is on the air. A person that truly cares about the callers. A person that embraces his fandom. 

This is a guy that you can tell that he is living his dream based on his mannerisms, and with that you can see the passion he has when he speaks on air.

Look at this tweet above. Keith literally can’t sit down during his first show being the night host at the prestigious sports station. It really is something beautiful.

Coming over from Jomboy media, which already has changed the way many view sports, his insight from there will carry over well into the FM Radio world. It also helps in my opinion that he is a die-hard Yankees fan… just saying.

His youth will play a big part in his success as well. Having someone that can relate to the new era of sports fans, to keep them engaged with radio content is absolutely what the radio industry needs at this time. That, along with his care and knowledge of both sports & youth culture is perfect.

Keith as well seems like a guy you want to just be around all the time. The energy he brings off through the air waves is just so kind and friendly which is something you do not get from many radio hosts out there.

With that being said, Keith will be extremely successful in his run as evening host at WFAN and I wish him nothing but the best in his journey.

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