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Keith Yandle is an Absolute Sicko

Written by tRy25

Keith Yandle lost NINE teeth last night and only missed one period of play. He had dental surgery this morning and does not intend to miss any more time. What a freak. Yandle, (821 consecutive games played) is only 143 games behind Doug Jarvis (964 consecutive games played) and hasn’t missed a game in a decade. You think this is going to force Yandle out of the lineup when he’s that close to being the NHL’s all time ironman? Ya, sonnnnk. A row of teeth is a hell of a long way from the heart.

This time last year I got drilled with a puck to the teeth (in warmups. Thanks, Dan) and I walked around the next week like this guy

So I can only imagine the pain Yandle is dealing with playing an NHL game tonight. Then again, I’m sure the millions of dollars, world class trainers, and the ability to skate like he does helps him get through it.

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