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Keep Politics Out Of Sports!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

To be honest I could care less on where you land on the political spectrum. I have friends all over the board. I’m a libertarian, I have conservative views and liberal views. I’m not in a box I take each situation and examine for what it is and not what side I talk on. there is one thing that we should all agree with, keeping politics out of sports.

The Romans would have the games for the people in times of upheaval, famine, drought. Yes the people fighting were slaves, of all races and from all over the world, don’t start with that shit. My point on stating that is; sports are suppose to be a distraction from our life. They are there to serve the purpose of a fantasy world for a few hours watching the game. Why must we drag politics into our entertainment?

Hollywood already ruined everything with their unbelievable liberal views, you can’t tell them they are wrong at all. Please I’m just asking, I just want to see the best Qb throw the ball, I just want to see the best dunker dunk the ball, the best hitter vs the best pitcher. And to the people that will say this is a shut up and dribble white supremacist view. Fuck You! It’s not, when I’m at my job I don’t talk about politics, I keep my thoughts about that to me in the professional world. These athletes get paid a lot of money, because we watch them play to be entertained. We want to lose ourselves in the game. They should realize with this pandemic that life goes on with out sports, and we choose to watch them they aren’t a necessity. So please everyone on every team and every fan, keep your politics out!!! No trump flags at games or races, No arguing about kneeling or not. Just play the damn game and root for the colors of your favorite team and only hate your rival team and fans, not people’s political background.

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