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Host of “Drama Alert” & popular YouTube star, Keemstar has been sued by celebrity tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste over several of the allegations & comments made by Keem on his popular YouTube series, Drama Alert. In the legal documents which can be found by clicking >>>HERE<<<, Lacoste states that Keem accused him of being a pedophile in YouTube videos published on March 16th, 2019, March 17th, 2019 & February 10th, 2020.

According to the documents, Lacoste says that he was falsely informed by a minor that she was 18 years old. The minor recorded an interaction between herself & Lacoste & leaked the recording to Keem who exposed it to the public & in Lacoste’s words, used to in an effort to “destroy” his business & reputation. Lacoste also states that Keem uses his Drama Alert series to “boost his own agenda” & to “brain-wash his followers into sharing his opinion”. Lacoste goes on to say that Keem “acted with malice & has deliberately caused & intended to cause great economic harm” to Lacoste.

The lawsuit goes on to state that Keem has a “demonstrable history for making accusations, notably other accusations of pedophilia, which he is unable to substantiate” & consistently acts “recklessly & maliciously when making accusations”.

Lacoste is seeking $3.5 million in damages from Keem & wants to “prevent him or his team from making further public statements about the accusations” against Lacoste & the case.

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