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Keemstar Just Got Ratio’d Like Crazy, You Love To See It! | @essaere @KEEMSTAR

Known for hosting ‘Drama Alert’ on his YouTube channel, Keemstar was handed a big ratio from a couple tweets about not wanting to date his own age (he’s 39). One of the tweets also had a 9/11 reference in it too.

Not to mention the majority of the images Keemstar used to push his point were all women listed as missing persons. Such as the two of the women in another tweet.

It seems that he loved seeing the reactions from his followers that he doubled down on his tweets and is enjoying the ratio. Keemstar even went on Twitch streamer Essaere’s replies and trashed her, but Ess responded in the only way she does.

Its understandable that he is a huge troll, especially on social media, but we would think at this point that Keemstar just needs to stay in his lane and try to piss people off with some of his tweets lately.

Even with using two missing person’s pictures, this is certainly a terrible look. But who are we kidding? Some people just never change.

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