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KBNoswag from Barstool Sports Gets Challenged to a Smack Off by 16 year old Singer and Internet Personalty Jacob Sartorius – @kbnoswag @jacobsartorius

Written by Nate

Barstool Sports’ KBnoswag has been challenged by 16-year-old singer and internet celebrity Jacob Sartorius into ‘smack off’ or to a slap boxing match after a Twitter exchange earlier today. 

Sartorius has asked for both people to bet $50,000 each in this fight. 

This will likely happen once he speaks to his legal team and has been instructed not to ask  Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) to pitch in for money. 

We shall wonder how this plays out when KB accepts the challenge. 

Who would you think would win? 

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