Kawhi Leonard Appears in Drake’s Music Video

Written by Noah Gagnon

Today Drake came out with his newest album, Certified Lover Boy, and with that dropped the music video to one of the songs Way 2 Sexy. In the music video, LA Clippers Superstar Kawhi Leonard makes a surprise appearance, and honestly, this shocked me. How did Drake get Kawhi to do this? I honestly thought Kawhi’s life consisted of waking up, playing basketball, going home, and maybe hitting the occasional strip joint. Who knew he did music videos?

I’m glad Kawhi did this, though. He looks like the freaking man in this video. Plays the role of himself, but also lets us know that, you know what, he is a fun guy. What do you think he and Drake did off-camera? Think Drake gave him drugs? Were their strippers involed? God, I hope so. I honestly would rather see what they did before and after the shoot than the video itself.

Although I did enjoy the music video, I’m afraid its bad news for Kawhi. The Drake curse is a real thing. It often seems like every athlete the guy touches goes down the shitter… except the 2019 raptors, but that’s a different story. Might have to bet some Kawhi under’s this year based off the curse alone.

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