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KAT and Joel Embiid Ejected After Brawl in Philly

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Rather, welcome to the city of Brotherly Love.




The Philadelphia 76ers welcomed the Minnesota Timberwolves to town Wednesday night. Apparently, the two cities still don’t like each other, especially after the NFC Championship Game from back in 2018, where Eagles fans and Vikings fans butted heads before, during, and after the game.

During the third quarter of Wednesday’s game, 76ers’ Joel Embiid & Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns shoved each other at Minnesota’s end of the floor as the 76ers pushed the ball up the court. Towns threw a punch that missed and put Embiid into a headlock.



The two continued to tussle before teammates showed up and separated the scruffle.


Embiid’s teammate Ben Simmons can be seen with his forearm around Towns’ throat, as KAT tries to tap himself out of the fight.



It’s always sunny in Philadelphia!

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