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Karen Price and the Baltimore Sun should stay in their lane!!!! Lamar Jackson MVP on and off the Field.

Karen Price wrote a shit paragraph article to get clicks about Lamar Jackson. Saying in this shitty little ramble that instead of giving Rolexes to his offensive line he should donate money to charity. First off all don’t write about things you have no idea about Mrs. Price. It’s called tradition when a QB has a great year he takes care of the guys who takes care of him. They protected his ass all year long, do you know how hard it is to play Offensive line in the NFL when D tackles are running 4.7 40s.

No you don’t you just want some click bait for your shitty newspaper. P.S. no one who actually watches football reads local newspaper reporters because they don’t know the difference between a field goal or a punt. I don’t want to call it a racist piece but using words like guidance and flaunting have a connotation to them. Every QB takes care of the men in front of them even high school. My QB took us all out to dinner the end of the year and bought us hats. In college he took us out to dinner then his dad took us to shoot clay birds. It’s called appreciation. Also I’m sure he got a deal on the watches buying so many at once. Why does it matter to you? Your name would be Karen, it’s such a Karen thing to bitch about. Oh do you research about how much money he has raised for charities Karen. He has donated money through his autograph signings. Oh he also donates his time to the youth and check out ERA 8. Do your job as a reporter Karen.

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