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Kanye No Shows With Album Once Again

Earlier this week Kanye West went on a wild Twitter rampage, mentioning how he’s trapped with the Kardashian family, that Kim cheated on him, and compared his life and relationship to the movie “Get Out.” At the end of all those tweets, Kanye announced that his newest album would be coming out Friday.

Well, it is now Friday afternoon and there still is no album up on any streaming service. This is a sight that’s all too familiar for Kanye West and his fans. The College Dropout album was delayed 193 days, Late Registration was 49 days, Graduation was delayed almost a whole year at 345 days. His collab album with Jay-Z got delayed 209 days and the Life of Pablo was delayed for 531 days, not even to mention that his last album Jesus is King was delayed for about a month and dropped October in 2019.

I am starting to doubt if this album even comes out. I know Kanye’s music hasn’t been anything spectacular over the last few years, especially compared to his older music but he still will have a hit or two even on his worse albums. Hopefully, Kanye does put this album out and surprises everyone by how good it is, but as of right now the chances of that happening are unlikely.

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