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Kanye West Dating Supermodel Irina Shayk; Check Out Her Best Fashion Pictures

Kim Kardashian WHO?

Kanye West has seemingly moved on from his recent divorce and is now with none other than Irina Shayk! According to TMZ, the two were spotted in the French region of Provence, whatever that means. The best part? It was on Tuesday, West’s birthday as he turns 44 years old. Usually when you spend your birthday together, it is either with a loved one, family, close friends, etc. That part is very telling to me.

TMZ notes they were with others but also just with each other. They confirmed with 100% certainty that the two are romantically linked. How serious are they? I have no idea and neither does TMZ. Kanye’s former wife Kim and the famous Kardashian clan had just wished him a happy birthday on social media Tuesday. My guess is she is aware of his current dealings and doesn’t care. I always thought she was WAY TOO GOOD for him. Yes, a Kardashian is on a higher playing level here, in my opinion. That tells you my opinion of Kanye and his clownish actions over the years. No word on if Kim has re-entered the dating world yet, just four months since she filed for divorce.

While that side of the coin was played out on worldwide television and publicly in the spotlight, like most things with the Kardashians, Kanye has kept mostly quiet. Now maybe we know why? He has a new girl by his side.

TMZ does note that the two are not total strangers. Irina did some modeling for some of Kanye’s clothing line at a fashion show before. Plus, he has apparently even name-dropped her in some of his songs before. I say ‘apparently’ because I couldn’t tell you one song from Kanye West. No joke, a million dollars on the line, I couldn’t tell you one song of his. Anytime I see him trending or hear his name brought up, it’s because he did something stupid or made a dumb quote. Like I said earlier, a clown.

As for Irina, same deal. I won’t lie and know who she is either. I have no idea. A fashion model probably? However, I have certainly seen some of her lovely photos.

All sarcasm aside, I wish them well, whether they’re just friends with benefits or something more serious. As somebody who has a birthday next week, I hope to have a great HAPPY time as well with my loved ones.

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