Kanye West alleges Chris Paul and Kim Kardashian are fucking?

Kanye West is having a no good very bad day apparently. First he goes on Info Wars with Alex Jones and says he ‘loves Hitler’ wild.

But seemingly out of nowhere he comes out and says Chris Paul and Kim K have had sex or are currently having sex? Kanye is loading up the clip and just firing at this point he has nothing to lose now because he has nothing.

When you have nothing to lose you become a dangerous man and you are certainly seeing that with Ye. When you make Alex Jones nervous you know something is wrong. I mean this is the same guy who said they are putting stuff in the water that is turning the frogs gay and now he is becoming uncomfortable?

What a wild time we are living in shit like this just furthers pushes the points that we are living in a simulation and this stuff ain’t real.

But on a real note I hope Kanye gets whatever help he needs.

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