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Kansas City Chiefs To Change Name; Following Washington Redskins And Cleveland Indians

Written by Chris Powers

Sports teams with Native American mascots over the past few years have come under heavy fire and have been pushed to change their names. This past summer, it was announced that the Cleveland Indians would be renamed the Cleveland Guardians. The former Washington Redskins have had a temporary name of the Washington Football Team, and plan to announce their new name on February 2nd of this year, although many speculate due to the recent leaks that the new name will be the Washington Commanders.

It appears that now the Kansas City Chiefs will also be following suit and changing their team name. After yesterday’s surprising home loss to the Cleveland Bengals, it was announced today that the Chiefs will be changing their name to the following.

The Kansas City Choke!

That’s right, after suffering such an embarrassing loss yesterday, one has to wonder who choked more? Patrick Mahomes not showing up in the second half? Head Coach Andy Reid when he decided not to go for a field goal at the end of the first half?

Anyhow, it’s about time the Chiefs “stop the chop!” It’s only a matter of time before they Seminoles, Braves and other teams are forced to change name as well!

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