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Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Is Now On The “Most-Wanted List”

Written by Tony Ghaul

Kansas City Chiefs superfan, Xaviar Babudar, also known as “ChiefsAholic” is the fifth-most wanted fugitive on the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers list.

In December, Babudar was arrested for bank robbery in Bixby, Oklahoma. Bail was set at $200,000 and he had to wear a leg monitor.

In late March, Babudar’s lawyer revealed that he cut off the monitor and has been on the run since March 25.

Babudar has been on the run for over two months now, Authorities are now turning to the public’s help to catch him.

Babudar is wanted for “Failure to appear in court, Warrant for bank robbery.” A $1 million bond warrant was subsequently issued.

Babudar allegedly robbed a bank in Bixby on Dec. 6, using a gun and threatening an employee to take him to the bank vault, as per David Medina of KSHB.

Contact Kansas City police or your local law enforcement agency, if you have any information or potentially helpful tips on Babudar’s whereabouts.

Photo courtsey of Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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