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Kansas City Chiefs Fire Bob Sutton

Written by Charlie Mitelhaus

After holding down the defensive coordinator role for the Chiefs since 2013, Bob Sutton has been fired. Following a season where Kansas City was virtually unstoppable on the offensive side of the ball, the defensive side was another story. On offense, the Chiefs finished their season ranked in the top five in points scored, yards per game, and passing yards. On defense, Kansas City struggled and relied heavily on their multi-dimensional offense, almost in a “Big-12ish” way of simply trying to outscore the opponent.

Former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan is a top candidate for the opening and certainly a name to keep an eye on going forward. Prior to the home loss in the AFC Championship Game to the New England Patriots, this was the deepest franchise playoff run since 1993. The Patriots won the game in overtime 37-31 and will play the NFC Champions the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. Just edging out the Chiefs will cause football fans to wait until the next time the Rams and Chiefs meet, as their high scoring 51-54 contest earlier this season was arguably the most exciting game of the season.

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