Arguably the most popular man on the internet is now owns the title of most subscribers on Twitch.

Kai Cenat now owns Twitch as the first and only streamer to ever break 300,000 subs on Twitch. He has been doing a 30 day stream a-thon on Twitch.

This man has the world in the palm of his hands and the question is what is next for Kai?

Twitch has been quietly threatening to kick Cenat off the platform for a while now as bigger streams such as Adin Ross has made the move to ‘Kick’ to be paid more.

The question becomes how much will Kai receive from Twitch to stay on the platform? When you have a streaming service that their business is dependent on the creators to generate revenue, the creator has all of the power.

Kai has had to of made enough money to be set up for the rest of his life so the ball is in his court on what his next move will be.

All indications would be that he stays on the platform since they pay their creators the more than their competitors.


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