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Justin Herbert Autographed An OnlyFans Chicks Booty Pic?

Written by TrevStone

Justin Herbert is rumored to be dating NFL Networks Taylor Bisciotti but we aren’t 100% sure if that is true. I’m not thinking he is. But recent articles talk about the two of them possibly having a relationship. And if he is, she might be a little upset about this. Or not. Because this is hilarious.

There is an OnlyFans model that is claiming Justin Herbert autographed a booty pic of hers!

Here is what she said:

I was planning on going to the raiders/chargers game in Vegas but ended up not making it due to short notice. My friend (raiders fan), however, did end up going and was sitting front row on the visitor’s sideline (by the chargers benches). I printed and sent him the photo and asked him to try and get Herbert (or any player really) to sign it.

After the game, he waved over and gave it to a chargers employee and basically said something like “it would make my friend’s life if you got Herbert to sign this”. The guy laughed, took it, and came back around 20 minutes later with a signature while cleaning up the benches, etc. This is the photo my friend sent from the hotel, so I wasn’t totally positive it was Herbert’s.. He mailed it to me and after comparing it online, it looks like it’s the real deal.

I don’t have proof that my friend (or the chargers employee) didn’t forge it, but I’m gonna choose to believe it’s real and get it framed. People will now come to my house and see a framed autographed photo of my butt on the wall. Just a funny story I thought you guys might enjoy lmao.

Edit: I had originally posted this on Twitter but deleted it because I received backlash from some chargers fans who said “I could get in trouble” for posting it and that “it isn’t real”, but I just wanted to share the story with somebody because I thought it was funny. I may end up deleting it here too if I get any threats of legal backlash. Look at it now, may not be here forever haha”.

Flip the page to see the image and more images of her!

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