Round opens up with a bit of feeling each other out. Ferguson busts out a moonwalk after a feeling out period. 90 seconds in we finally get some exchanges that connect, and holy fuck, you can definitely hear the shots. The noise of these hits definitely noteworthy. Tony has connected multiple times with the high kicks to the head region. This fight is awesome so far, but Round 1 goes to Justin Gaethje.

Justin Gaethje connects with a stiff right hand to open up the second round. Gaethje has hit past competitors and its put them to sleep. Tony Ferguson is losing this by not countering anything. Tony finally hears Daniel Cormier and finally picks up the action and finally counters with some action. Tony closes out round two with an impressive uppercut that knocks Gaethje down. I would give that round to Ferguson upon impression.

Round 3, Both fighters seemed to take 20 percent off there and have seemed to focus more on connecting with shots rather than throwing heat. Ferguson has developed a cut underneath his right eye. Gaethje fires a right that seems to stun Ferguson. The right hand of Gaethje is landing all day to complete round 3 Round 3 for Gaethje.

Round 4, Gaethje resumes attacking the legs and landing shots over the top, the whole round. Feguson still keeps on going going into the fifth. Gaethje got this round in my book. Now its time for him to go for the KO.

Round 5, its honestly too little too late for Ferguson. He tried some sort of stupid roll, but too little to late. Herb Dean stops the fight because clearly Tony can’t Continue.

Watch the stoppage Below:

Congrats new Interim Champ!