Justin Gaethje Defeats Michael Chandler Via Unanimous Decision In One Of The Greatest UFC Fights Of All Time

UFC has a big card tonight and the opener didn’t disappoint as #2 Lightweight fighter Justin Gaethje took on #5 Michael Chandler. These guys were laying it in from the moment it kicked off and didn’t stop until the end.

Gaethje caught Chandler great on the chin with an uppercut that almost made Chandler out on his feet. Chandler was able to recover by the skin of his teeth but in the end, that was the biggest blow of the fight and it helped secure a unanimous decision victory for Gaethje.

Both men were throwing everything they had and it shockingly went to a decision somehow.

Easily one of the best fights I’ve ever seen and one that will be remembered forever among fans. Justin Gaethje has lined him up for a title fight and that’s what he has his eyes on as he said he deserves a shot at the Poirier-Oliveira winner for the title. If Dana grants him that then that’s one hell of a headliner for a future UFC event and one that should do big numbers as Gaethje was a huge favorite for the live crowd tonight.

Do you consider this an all-time fight? Let us know!

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