Justin Fields To The Lions At Seven In Mel Kiper’s Mock Draft

Mel Kiper put out his first mock draft of the year yesterday. As always, there was controversy around the mock draft and Kiper has Justin Fields falling to the Lions at seven. Kiper has the Jets selecting DeVonta Smith with the number two pick, then has the Falcons drafting Zach Wilson at four, over Fields.

First things first, I am a huge Fields guy. Have been since he was in high school, the dude is a stud. If he fell to the seventh pick, snag him, please. What surprises me the most about Kiper’s mock is Wilson going over Fields. Everything else is saying Fields will be the second quarterback taken, and the Lions would get Zach Wilson. That’s not the case with this mock.

Justin Fields was a beast in his two years at Ohio State. In 2019, Fields threw for 3,273 yards on 67% completion for 41 touchdowns and just three interceptions. Fields was a heisman finalist, finishing third behind Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts.

In 2020, Fields started hot. Throwing for 11 touchdowns and only 11 incompletions in the first three weeks. Fields cooled off, throwing three interceptions against Indiana. Fields still had a hell of a season. Fields on the year threw for 22 touchdowns for 2,100 yards on 70% completion with six interceptions in only eight games. Fields put the world on notice in the college football semifinal against Clemson, throwing for 385 yards on 78% for six touchdowns. It was one of the best single-game performances ever.

I’ve already seen a lot of Lions fans hate on the idea of Fields. I’m sorry but Fields at the seventh pick would be amazing. The main argument I have seen against the pick is one of the dumbest arguments ever. “Ohio State quarterbacks suck in the NFL, don’t take him.” What a stupid argument. Those players have nothing to do with Fields. Nothing at all. That argument makes no sense. Fields is a different player than those guys. If that is your main argument, just stop.

Fields has potential to be a stud and if he’s available at seven, the Lions should absolutely take him.

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