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Justin Field’s Time Is Now

Justin Fields has been announced officially as the starter for the Chicago Bears Vs Detroit Lions. This will be his second consecutive start due to the injury to Andy Dalton.

Matt Nagy announced Friday that he was going to make a game-time decision but it looks like Andy Dalton will not be able to go so Fields will step right in to the starting job again. It seems like Nagy does not want to make a decision because either he does not know which decision to make or he does not want to hurt Andy Dalton’s feelings. Justin Fields did not play very well on Sunday but he did not make bad decisions. It was more of a killer game from the Cleveland Browns defense that set back Fields from moving the ball on offense.

We have seen electric plays from Fields, we know he can take control of this offense at some point. I do not think he will be able to do that though until we see some kind of confidence from this coaching staff. He can’t play with Andy Dalton and Matt Nagy standing over his shoulder. Fields does need to prove it on the field though in a game that he can start at quarterback for the Chicago Bears. I think this is the game to do that.

The Detroit Lions had a heartbreaker last week Vs Baltimore which ended in a NFL record 66 yard field goal by Justin Tucker. The Lions have yet to win a game but it does not seem like they will win many this season. Fields should be able to make some plays against this defense. This is his chance to do something and he better do it now before he doesn’t get this chance again.

The Bears needs to get this offense moving and scoring points after scoring only 13.3 points per game throughout their first 3 games.

Let’s see if Fields can handle the pressure and be that much needed spark for the Bears.

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