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Justin Fields Should Be Benched

Written by BadBoiCiCi

One, two, run. Climb the pocket? What is this 2005? No one does that anymore. Run outside the tackles. Justin Fields has regressed from last season somehow. He doesn’t understand pressure and how to pick up blitzes. He has no feel. It’s great that he can run, but he just wants to run at this point. 

He doesn’t keep his eyes downfield. Behind the line he should still have his eyes downfield, and he missed plenty of receivers running free because he is looking at defenders coming at him. Good quarterbacks get the ball out quick and take a hit. He doesn’t do that. He never takes the easy throws.

His completions are so low because they aren’t even throwing drag routes to get the easy stuff going. The offense has gotten worse and I miss Jay Cutler. He took hits and took shots. Contrary to popular belief he didn’t smoke back then. 

Justin Fields should be benched. He just doesn’t understand how to play the quarterback position and it aches me.

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