JUST IN: Duke Head Basketball Coach Coach K Is Retiring #Finally

Dukes Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Mike Krzyzewski has FINALLY decided to retire from coaching. This is actually shocking to me. I feel as if Coach K would have made a much bigger deal out of this whole ordeal by giving himself a 5 year retirement tour, but thankfully he didn’t. Coach decided to not make this about himself, and alerted the media he was retiring only 6 whole months before the season starts. WHAT A GUY!!

ESPN Stats & Info on Twitter: "This was Bill Self's 7th loss in the NCAA  Tournament as a 1 seed. The only coaches with more are Mike Krzyzewski and  Roy Williams.…"

Coach K is arguably the greatest coach in all of college basketball and there aren’t many people who are willing to argue that. Coach K led his teams to a number of championship games and help mold young men into great leaders. Well at least he thinks so. Coach K is the kind of guy to get his teeth kicked in and go over to the opposing bench and tell them, “You’re welcome for letting me teach you how to win properly.” Dude sucks outloud. He is over played and outdated and while Coach K had massive success early in his career you can optically see him growing older and his hair getting blacker (doesn’t dye his hair). He’s just an old ass sorry sociopathic man who can’t let go of the past, (shoutout my high school friends, you guys have a lot in common.

Tonight's four coaches vs the field.... : CollegeBasketball

I wish Coach K nothing but happiness in his next life pursuit but I really hope he just stays off the media all together.

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