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Just a Bit Off: Yankees Radio Announcer John Sterling Erroneously Called A Home Run on Giancarlo Stanton’s Single (Video) #MLB #NYYvsBOS

Written by Nate

Tonight begins the 2021 MLB playoffs with the AL Wild Card game between two big-time rivals in the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, and one member of New York’s radio team committed a gaffe early on.

Early in the first inning, Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton hit a long ball over to left field and long-time team radio announcer John Sterling thought that Stanton hit a home run out of Fenway Park over the Green Monster.

Well, Sterling was—let’s call it—incorrect.

The long ball would eventually turn into a long single for Stanton, and that left Sterling questioning what he did wrong on the call.

The ball did have the power to go far, but it was just a bit short as it hit the wall a couple feet down on the Monster.

Shouldn’t fault Sterling too much here as he is in his 32nd or 33rd season as the Yankees radio announcer. He’s called many big games before for New York, he probably made gaffes like this before.

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