Jungle Boy may have lost to Kenny Omega on Saturday night in his quest to become the AEW World Champion, but he looks like a winner to me.

Cue the music: “Woooooowwoooowooooohohhhhoohhhooooooowoooooowooo!”

I don’t want to make any assumptions here, but I think Jungle Boy just announced his relationship with fellow AEW star, Anna Jay. She had been injured the past couple of months and off the grid, so we all have no idea when this began or what the deal is here. Anna liked the Twitter post, but I will just go ahead and take that as confirmation.

First off, very cool news! I do not watch a lot of AEW Dynamite, but I do follow the story lines online and/or read the recaps. I can tell you that two of their brightest stars are Jungle Boy (and his awesome theme music) and Anna Jay from The Dark Order group. A power duo if there ever was one.

Wrestling couples are nothing new, of course. Everybody following the business knows that. Some end up making it; others do not. I am rooting for these two young lovebirds. I love them already as a pair. Both good looking, young, and has a rabid following. Perfect.

As for their on screen personalities, Jungle Boy is doing great slowly but surely branching out as a new, young, hip, cool single’s star, while Anna Jay has been improving leaps and bounds. Being out injured obviously sucks, but she will be back eventually. The future appears bright for both of them – on and off screen.

Congrats you two.


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