Julius Randle Was Told By Officials He’s Not Getting Calls Because He’s Stronger Than Defenders

Written by schultzyca

Again go fuck yourself. What does this even mean? Honestly someone explain this there is is rule book with clauses on how you enforce games and I guarantee you there is nothing subject to players strength. If faggy James Harden can get every call Julius needs to go to the line more than two times.

These officials need to be drugged tested at this point because Kevin Durant got tapped on the wrist, missed a dunk and they called a foul on Derrick Rose. Just make it make sense Julius Randle got dogged on a few drives tonight and you don’t here a whistle or anything.

I get it too that the Knicks have ‘earned that right’ yet but if you are generating the most money out of any team in the entire NBA and literally the most valuable franchise you’d figure they would give the Knicks a little bit of a break right?

This statement by the ref honestly leaves more questions than answers and it totally frustrating after a lose like tonight. On to the next one though.

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