Julio Urias Will NOT Start Game 5 of The NLDS #WHY

Written by austenlange

The Los Angeles Dodgers announced today that they will be starting right handed pitcher Corey Knebel. While this may seem like a “no news” type of situation to those with no baseball knowledge. However, this is fucking huge.

The Dodgers have had Julio Urias penciled in for this game all week and just only hours before the game they decide to bench him and let Knebel toe the slab in this elimination game. This one doesn’t make too much sense to me. Urias has been a fucking weapon on the mound and in my opinion gives the Dodgers the best chance to win tonight.

However, when you sit down and think about this with your foil hats on it actually does make sense. The Dodgers fooled us. They allowed the media storm to run with Urias pitching in Game 5 all to just hoodwink us. The San Francisco Giants and Gabe Kapler have been able go and whoop up on teams this year due to their ability to capitalize on every matchup possible. The Giants have released their lineup already with the idea that it would be Urias they would face. The top half of the lineup starts with several strong right handed hitters that would allow them to gain an advantage over Urias. However, Knebel is a right handed starter and kind of throws all of the Giants plans clear out the window. In actuality the Dodgers could double fuck the Giants and ACTUALLY start Urias with only a few moments before first pitch. This is obviously a stretch and more than likely won’t happen, but a boy can dream.

The Dodgers fan base seems to be taking this as well as I would imagine, so hopefully Knebel can prove us wrong.

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