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Julia Rose to Mud Wrestle Molly-Mae Hague?! – @JuliaRose_33 @mollymaehague

Written by Nate

Oh boy, this will be really good.

It appears that Julia Rose (boyfriend of influencer and boxer Jake Paul) is up for a challenge to Tommy Fury’s girlfriend, Molly-Mae Hague. And a very muddy one at that.

According to an article by Joe Kinsey of OutKick.com and YouTube video by TMZ Sports, Rose wants to have a mud wrestling match with Hague. This came after Julia wanted to have a bet with Hague, but she didn’t get a response back.

“I tried having a bet,” Rose told the TMZ camera guy via Outkick. “She didn’t respond. Molly’s not too confident in her man.”

Rose didn’t say when the match would be held if Hague accepts, but we can guess it will a lead up match before their boyfriends square off next month in Tampa.

If Molly-Mae does accept, it is going to be a gold mine for people that love to follow influencers. The mud wrestling battle between the two famous influencers: one who got banned for life for flashing her boobs at a World Series and changed the Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyboob’ to a former British reality star from the show ‘Star Island, the match is going to put up big numbers ratings and money wise.

Please do this Molly-Mae! Do it for the ‘gram and money! It wouldbe must-see pay-per-view

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