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Julia Rose Raised Over $30K For Breast Cancer From Flash At World Series | Jumps On Ripper Magoo Podcast With Bob Menery | @BobMenery @JuliaRose_33

Written by TrevStone

Julia Rose continues to take over the Internet, from the moment she flashed her boobs during game 5 of the World Series she hasn’t stopped being talked about.

She jumped on The Ripper Magoo podcast with Bob Menery.

If you’re reading this you probably know the story of Julia. During the podcast they talked about her story. Julia mentioned that the price of the tickets for the World Series were $20,000 and they were planning the entire flash for over a year! [Click here to watch the flash]

The plan was to raise money for breast cancer from the money made from subscriptions to ShagMag.

She also said that as soon as she arrived at the game the MLB employees told them they knew who she was so they moved the cameras from where they were originally sitting because there shirt said “shagmag”…. so she called people to see if they could see her until they realized they had to run down a little lower down to be able to flash her boobs.

Julia did mentioned that she raised over $30,000 for breast cancer awareness from it! What a move. 👏

Click here to listen!

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