Julia Rose Is In Miami… With Katie Bell, Riley Reid, and Daisy Keech – Could We See A Super Bowl Stunt?? @JuliaRose_33 @rileyreidx3 @DaisyKeech

Written by TrevStone

Julia Rose is currently in Miami for Jake Paul’s fight against ‘Gib’ and she could possibly be heading to the Super Bowl.

I’d assume seeing she’s in Miami with a bunch of influencers for the fight they’ll have more events planned.. Maybe the Barstool party? The Super Bowl? I’m sure they have a bunch of events planned.

But what everyone is wondering, will we possibly she a flash during the Super Bowl?

You can actually make a prop bet on if you think she will.

I’d assume not… She might get in actual trouble this time seeing she did it during the World Series. But she did quote tweet the tweet above – hopefully the NFL doesn’t see it and try and kick her out right away.

She’s also there with Katie Bell, Daisy Keech, and Riley Reid! Four of the best looking girls on the Internet. Could you imagine? All four of them during the Super Bowl? I’m sure they’ll have something planned.

Maybe run on the field? A big ShagMag flag?

As you can see from the image above, they’re with Logan Paul and his crew… hopefully Logan doesn’t have anything planned we watched enough of him upside down sucking a guy off.. HAHAHHA!

Could she possibly get thrown in jail? Yes. Hopefully she does flash and she doesn’t get in trouble for it.

I don’t understand why the NFL doesn’t just hire her and the other girls to perform at halftime.

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