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Julia Rose Busted for Changing Hollywood Sign to ‘Hollyboob’ | @JuliaRose_33

Written by Nate

Ahhh, good ol’ Julia Rose, up to her great tricks once again!

An article by TMZ was posted that the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles had a makeover as a couple letters were changed on it and was renamed to ‘Hollyboob’ earlier Monday.

It turned out that the person behind the letter changing was none other than Julia herself, as she posted a tweet with her and the ‘remade’ sign behind her.

Being no stranger to boob-related stunts/incidents like the famous flashing in the 2019 World Series, the founder of SHAGMAG told the police that she did this stunt for breast cancer awareness.

Via TMZ, Julia was captured on video being taken into custody and was cited for trespassing before being released.

Photo Courtesy: TMZ/Twitter

In our opinion, she got off easy compared to what she had in the World Series as she, Lauren Summer, and Kayla Lauren all got a lifetime ban from future MLB events for flashing their boobs in that great Game 5.

But hey, at least she made it out with any huge repercussions—yet.

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