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Julia Rose Announces ‘Simpforjulia 2020’ to Social Media — @JuliaRose_33

Written by Nate

NOTE: just to be clear, in no way am I trying to be a simp based on the post, I’m just telling it like it is.

Just an hour or two ago, social media influencer and founder of online magazine, SHAGMAG, Julia Rose, has posted on both Twitter and Instagram with captions of ‘simpforjulia2020.’

No, I am not even joking.

In one of the posts, one caption has also said for viewers to “use code ‘simp4julia’ to get this shirt 100% off.”


I have no clue what she’s doing this for, but apparently, everyone is mixed over these posts.


All I have to say is, good luck boys… Hopefully it will go well.

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