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Julia Rose and ShagMag Girls Get Kicked Out From Golf Course For Flashing Other Golfers (Video)| @JuliaRose_33 @katieeeeebell @abswetherington @SHAGMAG_

Written by Nate

Julia Rose and the ShagMag girls are at it again!

This time, the ladies took an afternoon and decided to go and have some fun at a golf course in Los Angeles.

In the YouTube video episode posted by ShagMag down below, the fun included flashing or ‘distracting’ a few male golfers, drinking a lot of booze, and even the girls crashed their own golf cart out on the course!

*** The video is intended for mature audiences only ***

At the end of the video, the security would call them over to the course and they were kicked out from the course for their ‘recklessness’ and flashing.

Some people should put in a campaign and/or have these girls come to our golf courses and make the sport fun again!

You can keep up with the girls and their ShagMag adventures by following Julia’s Twitter and Instagram, Abby’s Twitter and Instagram, Katie’s Twitter and Instagram and Jessica on her Instagram.

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