Jules Heningburg Withdraws From the PLL Championship Series in Heartbreaking Fashion

Written by tRy25

Well that’s a real bummer. After getting Covid in June and putting his season in jeopardy, Jules was able to beat the virus and restart his offseason training. It wasn’t until this week, after arriving in Utah, that Jules was diagnosed with a heart condition where he could literally drop dead during competition.

Hearing that and having to withdraw a week before the games begin must be nothing short of heartbreaking for Jules. Not only are the Woods poised for another run at a championship, but he already experienced an offseason from hell. Imagine contracting this awful virus, taking all the measures possible to beat it and recover in time to play, only to find out a heart condition will keep you from doing the one thing you love and worked your ass off to get back to doing?

The good news is, it sounds like Jules is determined he hasn’t played his last lacrosse game. Get well Jules, and Roll Woods.

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