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Judge Orders For Refs From NFC Title Game and Roger Goddell To be Questioned Under Oath on Infamous No Call

Remember that big no call in the recent NFC Championship Game this past season?


Well, it has been brought up in the news again. However, it’s going to be brought up — in court. You heard that right. 

Reported by Daily Snark and NFL Memes on Facebook, a Louisiana judge has ordered three referees and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to be summoned for questioning under oath towards that same no call that costed the New Orleans Saints their chance at a Super Bowl. 

Attorney Antonio LeMon, who filed a lawsuit over the game and the disputed call, is seeking mutual exclusive dates with the NFL’s attorneys for the questioning. 

This process is to cease all appeals from the league which would extend delays or cancel questioning altogether. 

LeMon’s lawsuit is seeking $75,000 in damages over not throwing the flag on the no pass interference call. If the lawsuit won, the money will be donated to charity. 

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