Judge Mark Grisanti Shoves Buffalo Cop in Video

Supreme Court Justice (no, not THAT Supreme Court) Mark Grisanti is seen shoving a Buffalo Police officer in a video obtained by WIVB News. This video stems from the incident last June when Mark “Mayhem” Grisanti and his wife Maria were involved in a donnybrook with their neighbors over a parked truck.

According to a story from WIVB News 4 Buffalo:

 In the videos, the judge is seen swearing and name-dropping his connections to members of the Buffalo Police Department as well as Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. 

Watching the video, it’s easy to see how someone might perceive the jumpy judge’s actions as resisting arrest. Nevertheless, in a move that some might see as a friends in high places, no charges were filed against Mr. and Mrs. Mayhem Grisanti. WIVB News noted:

In July, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn announced neither the Grisanti’s nor their neighbors would be charged. News 4 has reached out to Grisanti’s attorney and is waiting for a response. 

This isn’t the family’s first fun-filled furor as Mark and Maria were involved in a dust-up a few years back at a local casino.

This is a situation that should make for lively discussion not only amongst Western New York’s legal eagles, but hopefully, those in charge of disciplining wayward judges.

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