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JTG Wants Shad to Win Warrior Award

Written by Jameus Mooney

Shad Gaspard, who teamed with JTG in WWE’s Cryme Tyme from 2006-2010, passed away in May when he drowned in a current at Venice Beach. When his life was about to be saved, he made sure his son who was with him was taken to shore first.

Ever since the passing of the Ultimate Warrior, WWE has handed out the “Warrior Award” to acknowledge community heroes that have struggled. Ever since Gaspard’s death, there has been a groundswell of people who want him to be the 2021 recipient, especially considering his contributions to the business.

JTG, his former partner, is one of those people. During a recent episode of the Chris Van Vliet Show, he vocalized his support. “I don’t know what’s a bigger heroic act than putting his life on the line for his son. But honestly, he would have done it if it was another child. If it was me, he probably would have did the same exact thing.”

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