Josh Richards Continues On His Path To Mega-Mogul | Collaborating With Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful @JoshRichards @kevinolearytv

Written by Tony

The boy wonder continues to get after it on his quest for world domination. The TikTok megastar has much greener pastures than dancing in his future, and has admittedly discussed this on Barstool’s BFF Podcast w/ Dave Portnoy that his real interest in life, is business.

Honestly, on a day the stock market is going bonkers, is anything on planet Earth rising as much as Josh? As was everyone in the world, I was skeptical when Josh began working with Barstool, but after listening to the kid for 5 minutes, you know that it is either time to jump aboard the train, or get left behind. The only thing stopping Josh from becoming President some day, is that he was born and raised in Canada (but honestly, who cares).

Don’t underestimate the TikTok kids, and especially Josh, because like Thanos you can run from it, hide from it, deny it, but sooner or later you will notice that it is inevitable. All hail the young king, and go watch this collab with Mr. Wonderful. Should be interesting.

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