The prominent social media influencer Josh Richards has joined in on a new and exciting relationship with the NHL. It was announced that Richards will be serving as a “Special Adviser to the National Hockey League”

So why is this exciting and important? I’ll tell you.
As a proud member of the “Gen Z” community, I can admit that we are an interesting crowd who thrive on the connectivity of social media such as TikTok and Twitter, but we do tend to struggle when it comes to listening to older figures in media. We mostly spend our time streaming shows, snapping friends, and listening to podcasts such as the “BFFs Podcast” & “Pardon My Take”.

I personally love hockey, I grew up watching the leaves, and so many other teens like me and even 20 somethings are craving newer/younger hockey personalities to represent us in the media, which is why Josh Richards is so important. The addition of Richards will not only open a lane for new fans, it will offer a way to reignite the passion of younger fans like me.

Richards will be officially beginning this new journey is is promising career on July 1st, and I’d like to be one of the first from Pro Sports Extra to welcome you as you spread and grow the amazing sport and community that is hockey.


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