Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn made the ill-advised decision to drop the gloves with Colorado Avalanche defenseman Josh Manson and he paid the price for it.

Benn is known as one of the toughest players in the NHL. The veteran Captain isn’t afraid to set the tone for his team and that’s exactly what he tried to do. In the 2nd period with his team trailing 1-0, Benn looked to give his team a spark. He decided to drop the gloves with Josh Manson.

Manson attempted to punk out Benn with a head-fake just before they locked up and began to throw hands. This one did not last long, as Benn didn’t even get to throw a punch. Manson rag-dolled Benn and landed a few shots before putting Benn’s lights out with a huge right cross.

Photo courtsey of Zuma Press


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