Josh Jackson Who Grew Up in Detroit Just Signed with the Pistons

Written by Spiked Rob

Free Agent Forward Josh Jackson who was recently on the Phoenix Suns finalized a deal with the Detroit Pistons today, according to Adrian “Woj Bomb” Wojnarowski.

The young man was apparently 8 years old when and was in the stands for the “Malice at the Palace” as a young Stawns fan. It was reported that he recalled being at the Palace that night and said “I am not going to lie. I threw a water bottle.”


This makes him a true-blue Pistons Fan with a capital F signing up to play for his hometown team. I wish him and the Pistons the best of luck in this season so we can get the baller Disney movie about Detroit that America has always deserved: “Bottles and Buckets: JJ and the Pistons kick ass in the feel-good movie of the summer”.

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