Josh Gattis who has served as the Michigan OC for a couple years, has taken a new job with Miami. Many of us are confused with it because Michigan has one of the best offenses returning in quite some time. It looks as if it is a downgrade to take a job with a lower level ACC team, but there’s obviously a catch. He is getting paid about 700k more at Miami compared to what he was getting at Michigan. It is sad that he is gone, but my guess is that Michigan will do just fine on replacing him. I think that they will hire from the inside with Mike Hart, but we will see.

Sophomore, Andrel Anthony, is giving clues that they are going to bring in someone with very good talent. Nobody knows if he is talking about recruiting or filling a coaching vacancy, but it seems like something good will be happening. Now I know what I am about to say is going to sound crazy and most likely unrealistic, but hear me out. I read a rumor that Michigan might be promoting their QB coach to Offensive Coordinator, which means that they will need somebody to fill the void at QB coach. There is a certain somebody that just retired from the NFL as the best quarterback in history, and he just so happened to have went to Michigan. IF they bring in Tom Brady to coach the quarterbacks at Michigan then I might just lose my mind.


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