Josh Emmett wins against Shane Burgos – via decision @HurricaneShaneB @JoshEmmettUFC – #UFCVegas3 #UFConESPN @danawhite – FOTN!

Written by Tyler Allen

Round 1 – These guys threw hard, fast, and technical. Each almost traded blows like a pattern, but one upping each other. Burgos would deliver and connect with an occasional knee and kick. Josh Emmett would deliver some heat in that direct jab. Round – Josh Emmett.

Round 2 – It turns out Josh Emmett tweaked his knee earlier in Round 1. Burgos would throw combinations that would end in Emmett throwing a direct jab back to Burgos. Emmett lands a shot that sends Burgos mouthpiece flying, a momentary pause for the pick up, and we resume. More exchanges paying of for Burgos, but I feel Emmett is definitely putting a period on every single one of Burgos’ exchanges. A back elbow connects from Burgos, but Emmett still powers on. Burgos sends a high kick that’s returned with a Big Jab by Emmett to end the round. Round – Burgos. But this fight bangs tho! Dana White Tweets this, Ironically where I feel this is fight of the night territory.

Round 3 – More similar exchanges connect for Burgos, but Emmett connects with a big left hand that drops Burgos. Emmett takes advantage, but Burgos gets back to his feet. More incredible exchanges happen by Emmett in the third round. Burgos connects with low blow, a period of rest occurs. When this fight restarts, it is going to be an absolute slugfest. Three minutes remain, Exchanges of kicks open up but Emmett swings and lands a big left hand. Another Left hand catches Burgos and knocks him off his feet. Emmett connects an overhand left while on top. Burgos connects with an uppercut with a minute left. Emmett connects with a big right and Burgos stays upright! The Hell! I give the round and the fight to Josh Emmett.
but I don’t decide, the judges do!

Josh Emmett gets the Win – via Decision

Hey Dana White – I highly doubt this fight tops the main event! This is your fight of the night!

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