Josh Donaldson vs Every Pitcher Ever

Written by Nick30muench

Josh Donaldson homered off White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito and yelled, “hands not sticky anymore” while crossing home plate.

Giolito had some comments about it in his postgame interview:

Donaldson has come out and said he has a book on every pitcher who cheats and mentioned the Giolito’s name is in that book.

In this case, I think both are right about certain aspects. Donaldson is right, Giolito’s stuff has reduced spin rate. However, almost every other pitcher has had the same thing happen. His team won 7-6, but Giolito only gave up 3 runs in 6 innings. To trash talk a guy during the game where he’s been shoving it up your ass is kind of trashy.

Not to mention that the Twins are in 4th place, currently 13.5 games back of the White Sox. The Twins are also in contention of being swept today, while their pitching staff has given up 20 runs in the past two games to Chicago.

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