Josh Barnett’s “Bloodsport 2020” results from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 🇺🇸 at Marion County Fairgrounds on 10/11/20 live on FITE TV:

All bouts can only be won by knockout, submission, or referee stoppage.

The roster and Josh Barnett came out one by one to be introduced to the audience. Barnett gives a brief speech to welcome everyone.

Simon Grimm beat Matt Makowski by referee stoppage after a half and half suplex knocked the wind out of Makowski.

Allysin Kay beat Killer Kelly with a leg lock choke submission in a women’s tournament match. I’ve been told Kelly will be in America until at least December.

Lindsay Snow beat Leyla Hirsch by heel hook submission in a women’s tournament match.

Calvin Tankman beat Alexander James by referee stoppage after knocking James down and hitting a few hard strikes.

Erik Hammer beat Kal Jak by double wrist lock submission.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor beat Homicide by half crab submission.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. beat Josh Alexander by knockout with a Liger Bomb.

The women’s tournament finals is up next: Kay vs. Snow.

Lindsay Snow beat Allysin Kay by heel hook submission to win the tournament. Josh Barnett came out to give Snow the trophy.

Jon Moxley beat Chris Dickinson by side choke submission.