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Josh Allen’s Girlfriend Is Gorgeous; Team With Best Odds To Win Super Bowl LVI?

Written by Chris Powers

I had no idea who Brittany Williams was prior to today. With that said, I’m glad I know who she is now. One thing is for sure. Josh Allen is a very lucky man. Not only did Buffalo exercise his fifth year thus making him a very rich man, he gets to share a bed with this lady.

In other NFL news, copied below is a full run down of Vegas odds regarding who will win next year’s Super Bowl!

Kansas City Chiefs: +600

Green Bay Packers: +900

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +1000

Buffalo Bills: +1200

Baltimore Ravens: +1200

Los Angeles Rams: +1200

San Francisco 49ers: +1600

New Orleans Saints: +1800

Seattle Seahawks: +2200

Cleveland Browns: +2500

Dallas Cowboys: +2500

Indianapolis Colts: +2500

Miami Dolphins: +2500

Tennessee Titans: +2500

Los Angeles Chargers: +3000

New England Patriots: +3000

Pittsburgh Steelers: +3000

Minnesota Vikings: +4000

Arizona Cardinals: +4000

Carolina Panthers: +5000

Chicago Bears: +5000

Las Vegas Raiders: +5000

Philadelphia Eagles: +5000

Atlanta Falcons: +6600

Denver Broncos: +6600

New York Giants: +6600

Washington Football Team: +6600

Cincinnati Bengals: +8000

Detroit Lions: +8000

Houston Texans: +8000

New York Jets: +8000

Jacksonville Jaguars: +10000

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