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Josh Allen Won The MVP Award Week 1

Josh Allen stole the show. He dunked on a guy, in football. Cam Newton did that once but Matthew Stafford probably doesn’t count it (people are calling Stafford racist (as a joke)). Besides the two interceptions, which as a Josh Allen fantasy owner, were very stupid, he played great. I think they shouldn’t even count the first one as an interception (Josh Allen fantasy owner here). 

He passed for 297 yards, rushed for 56 and had a combined four touchdowns. This is Josh Allens league, and I predict he’ll throw for and rush for the most touchdowns by any quarterback this year (Josh Allen fantasy owner here). 

The Bills are the favorites to win the Super Bowl and Josh is the favorite to win the MVP.  So the question is, can Josh Allen handle the pressure? The answer is YES! Of course he will (Josh Allen fantasy owner here). He has all the talent in the world surrounding him, along with all the talent in the world. He’ll continue to be amazing this year just like he was last night, because trust me, I own Josh Allen in fantasy so no one knows how well the kid played better than me.

Picture via: Newyorktimes.com

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